Shoe Care

All laces are machine washable, so if you want to keep your neons super bright take them off and pop them in your wash. Should you want to buy any new or additional pick'n'mix laces, please get in contact via the contact page and provided they are in stock we should be able to help.

All rogues have either a leather, rubber/neolite or foam EVA sole which provides comfort and support whilst ensuring that the shoe is light yet durable. The rubber/neolite sole is a waterproof leather equivalent that can be taken to the cobbler to resole as with any normal brogue. If you find your EVA sole becomes dirtied at all through wear and tear, use nail varnish remover to get rid of marks on the side. 

Liquiproof is recommended to spray on your suede Rogues to ensure that they stay protected from liquid or stain damage. This can be applied to both the pony skin, leather, velvet and suede sections, although it is not recommended on any leather with a finish such as python-effect, metallics or patents. These leathers with finishes are already protected. Please visit the Liquiproof website for further information and application videos for both the cleaner and the protector that we sell.