Our Production


All our shoes are hand made in one small factory in Porto, Portugal. It is a family run factory who have been making shoes for years, and all the workers pride themselves as artisans and experts in their field. Watch the above video to meet the makers and get a look behind the scenes. 

Most of our leathers are by-products of the meat industry and our carbon footprint is minimal as most materials including soles and laces are sourced and made locally in Portugal. As a brand we encourage people to buy fewer, better quality products and to look after and resole shoes over the years. 

As of yet we have not made any 'vegan leather' shoes. 'Vegan leather' is plastic and has a high PVC content (one of the hardest plastics to breakdown) as well as not being as durable as real leather, which is something we need to factor into our designs. 

All T-shirts are made using 100% organic cotton in a small factory in Porto, near to our shoe factory. 

All silk goods are made right here in the UK, to support local trade wherever we can. This is important to us as we would love to make out shoes in the UK too, but unfortunately due to the nature of our designs, this isn't possible. 

We produce small runs of seasonal styles so your shoes can feel more unique and special, and about 30% of our stock is core and will never go into the sale. Support slow fashion and go Rogue. 


At Rogue Matilda we firmly believe that wherever we can, we should give back to communities and support charities.   

All our woven baskets are part of a community project in Mexico where there is a government initiative that allows Prison inmates to use their time incarcerated to learn an artisan skill in order to make goods. It’s important to note here that the prison’s do not provide the materials, nor do they drive the business - they simply give permission for the prisoners to make some money. This provides inmates with an opportunity to learn a new skill, have a sense of purpose and make a little cash for their family’s on the outside or for their own basic needs within confinement. Many of the inmates are now teaching their families the skill of basketry and once they’ve done their time they create a collective of basket weavers on the outside continuing to use this skill. This means when you buy one of our woven bags a large percentage of the profit will be going straight to the artisans themselves and can be used to help improve their lives and support their families.

£5 from each chari-tee T-shirt sold goes to MIND UK. MIND is a mental health charity which not only offers information and advice to people with mental health, but works to raise public awareness and understanding.
In 2016 we also held a charity auction which raised £2000 for MIND through the sale of one of a kind brogues painted by top UK illustrators and artists. 
If you have a project which you think we should be part of please get in touch with info@roguematilda.com