Tada and Toy X Rogue Matilda


Rogue Matilda and Tada and Toy have turned the classic hoop on its head and added a touch of flower power to bring you the perfect summer accessory. With both brands independently creating unique designs and continually delivering on quality without compromising on sustainability, their capsule collection Flower Bomb creates a budding romance between metal and material.



In true Rogue fashion, colour has been added in every possible way, creating a pop of vibrance in even the smallest accessory. Coming in either small or large, both earring sizes offer three different colour combinations of coloured leather flowers. 




These flowers are made solely from factory leather offcuts, material which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill site. With a silver or gold hoop to choose from, and each earring accompanied by a small alternate metal star, customers are able to customise their very own flower bomb jewellery in true Tada & Toy fashion. So whether you’re a golden girl or a silver señorita, there’s a colour combination to suit every taste.

Prices range from £65-£135 with free next day delivery, www.tadaandtoy.com


For both brands, interchangeability and layering is a core part of their design process. And what with 2021 being the age of chopping and changing, we’ve created an additional packet of coloured flowers to make mixed matched magic with.



Additional Pick'n'Mix Petal pouch £35 with free next day delivery, www.tadaandtoy.com