Our Philosophy


Welcome to the colourful world of Rogue Matilda, where your city is your catwalk and your style is an expression of your personality. 

We make flats that are ready for whatever life throws at you.

We dress women who have a story to tell.

We aren't slaves to trends. 

Never has it been more important to live in the moment. To say yes. To not ask why, but ask why not? To embrace your individuality

So follow your heart not your head. Wear what makes your heart sing. And buy fewer, more special pieces that you will treasure for life. 


The driving force behind the brand is to create playful flats and accessories that are not only comfortable but become the focal point of an outfit. This manifests itself in the use of eclectic materials such as pompoms, animal print, pony-skin and python effect leather, which have all become synonymous with the brands collections. This animalistic aesthetic coupled with premium leathers and suedes creates the perfect fusion of classic and quirky, and is a sure way to get you noticed.