Our Inspiration

As colour enthusiasts we have always looked to the art and interior design worlds for inspiration. Colour just makes everything in the world better. It's a mood booster.

We constantly reference the work of India Mahdavi, Wes Anderson, David Hockney, Paul Smith and Grayson Perry when mood boarding new seasons. They have each created individual aesthetics that place them apart from others in their field, and are instantly recognisable.   

"I prefer living in colour" - David Hockney


As a company we strive to promote the work of other creative women who work with colour in unique and exciting ways through our Rogue Girl series. Please get in touch if there is someone you know who would want to be involved as we love to discover new talent. 

Looking for something to get the creative juices flowing? Check out our Spotify account, with different playlists to roll back the years or get you in the zone. 

Rogue Matilda Spotify Account