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Meet Katie and Terri, the two Irish masterminds behind the creative floral design studio Worm. Having grown up on the coast of Southern Ireland, both Katie and Terri were inspired by the wild flowers which surrounded them. Starting in 2016, their initial book and bunch delivery service has since grown into a floral extravaganza, putting together creative floral arrangements for major brands and publications such as Harpers Bazaar and Burberry. Having worked for a multitude of brands across all genres, from dressing shop windows to shoots, you've most likely already come across their work without realising. Their sculptural arrangements and unique floral compositions make them instantly stand out from other florists. 

Catering to everything from weddings to conceptual projects, and offering workshops from foraging to wreath making, this dynamic duo will be your new go to girls for all things floral. And if we can't convince you, then their sunny personalities and cheshire cat grins absolutely will.  




What do you love most about your job?

T: Playing with rare and beautiful flowers. 

K: Getting the chance to explore different and think about thoughts and ideas, then translating them into arrangements both big and small using flowers. I feel lucky to be able to use nature as a tool for communication. 


Where's your favourite hangout?

T: The little lane of antique shops in Hastings old town on a sunny day. 

K: Recently it has been a little corner of my bedroom which is beside the window. The light is so nice there all day long and it has become a calm place for me. I also love the filter beds near Hackney marshes. I can't pinpoint what it is about that place that I like so much. I just always like the feeling I get when I am there. 


What's top of your playlist right now?

T: Alessi Brothers, Seabird. 

K: Sault, Wildfires.


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

T: An oversized gingham smock dress from April Meets October that makes me feel like it's forever Summer.

K: I have this very old United Colours Of Benetton coat that our next door neighbour gave me and my sister as a hand me down when I was 10. We literally have loved it so much since the day we got it. Basically Tia and Temera from Sister Sister (which was one of our favourite TV shows growing up) had a similar one, so we immediately both took it in turns to wear it. We used to have many arguments over whose turn it was to wear the coat. It was very oversized on us when we first received it.  Over the years we have both grown into it. Now it's slightly too small on the arms for us, but we still have it. As time has passed, one of us will have it for a while and then it will come back to the other. At the moment my sister has it, but I plan to get it back as it's my turn for next winter. We have never grown tired of it. I think one of us will always have it. I also love that its something that is shared between us even though we live on different continents now. 


How many pairs of shoes do you own? 

T: About 15. Anything with heels seem to have taken early retirement. 

K: In my brain I have 5 pairs, but after counting I have 22. I have 5 on constant rotation, but I opened my wardrobe to find a whole pile that have been in hibernation, patiently waiting for the time when all our activities don't revolve around going for walks. 


What do your Rogues say about you?

T: Comfort comes first. 

K: Grounded with the flowers. 



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