Sandra Barrio Gonzalez

A girl after our own heart, jewellery designer Sandra's products for her brand Sandralexandra are handmade by local artisans through the intricate manipulation of raw materials such a glass, metals and pearls. The idea is to work hand-in-hand with nature by using materials like cultured pearls or lampwork glass to create fresh, funky pieces that you can wear anytime, anywhere. 

We're loving her fruity glass earrings and 5 A Day flower vase for their unique personality and sense of fun.



What do you love most about your job?

Creative Freedom - I started off with colourful pearls, then expanded into glass groceries and now I've just launched a capsule collection within a whole new category which is tableware! There's a set of Murano glass cocktail sticks, a 5 A DAY flower vase and napkin ring holders coming soon.


Where's your favourite hangout? 

My kitchen, with my husband and my daughter Frida. It’s the room we knew we’d spend most of our time in as my husband loves cooking, Frida loves eating and I love tableware so we spent the longest time making sure we got the design right when we did up our house.


What's top of your playlist right now?

From Kurt Vile to Rosalia to Frank Ocean, that's as eclectic as my top playlist goes!


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

I'm currently living in my off white LF Markey boiler suit during the day and my WORME silk set in the evening so I would say those are definitely my current most loved pieces. Oh and my Adidas gazelles, I won't take them off so I just got them in two more colours.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

A bit too many but I always end up wearing the same four!


What do your Rogues say about you?

My creative side coming out to play just as my Sweetie in Zebra.



Photographed by Nic Ford.




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