Maria-Ines Gul

Colour and character are two words which perfectly encapsulate illustrator Maria-Ines Gul. As a London based artist and designer who studied at the Royal Collage of Art, Maria's expressive portraits and decorative typography lend themselves to everything from book covers to fashion illustrations. This season we've teamed up with her to create a 'ways to wear' card illustrating all the different ways our colour-pop scarves can be styled. She's exactly the colour queen we need coming into spring.


What do you love most about your job?
I absolutely love my job! I love the way I can set my own pace and go for lots of walks, listen to my favourite records, do a little dance. I love the way every project is different and allows me to grow. I work from my home studio and try to go for a grand big walk every morning. My daily routine is a bit unusual, I am a night owl and feel incredibly lucky to be able to fill my days with adventures, inspiring things, faces and places before I sit down and work until really (really) late. 
Where's your favourite hangout?
My bathtub! I have just moved to my own flat and have been taking long glorious baths every evening. The best ideas come in the most unexpected places and bathroom is definitely one of them. I live in De Beauvoir Town and need my 10K steps a day, this part of London has so many wonderful routes. Whenever I feel stuck - nothing beats a good long walk in Hampstead Heath.
What's top of your playlist right now?
The Morning Fog by Kate Bush. The song has the most wonderful feeling of waking up after a long slumber, running outside and dancing in the sun to greet the spring.
What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?
Most of my favourites are second hand designer pieces or small independent designers. I love Samantha Pleet, she makes the most perfect sailor pants. My current favourites are this yellow patent leather Courreges mini skirt and boatneck top in the most perfect retro floral pattern by Prada. The outfits from Queen’s Gambit have been on my mind a lot, so recently I treated myself to a vintage Agnès B dress in a pattern that looks like a board game.
How many pairs of shoes do you own? 
So many they need their own wardrobe. Let me deflect the question and say that I love shoes that make a cute noise when you walk, like the foley footsteps in movies. I also have an overwhelming collection of different colour variations of the same, perfect Mary Jane mid heels - send help.
What do your Rogues say about you?
My Rogues are pale pink and covered in white daisies - perfect attire for dancing my way into the Spring.

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