Domenica Marland

Established in 2018, Domenica Marland has created an online art dealing site that sells affordable and decorative works of art. Alongside sourcing unique antique pieces, Domenica works closely with the contemporary artists she represents and encourages her buyers to develop a personal relationship to art collecting. A girl after our own heart, she strongly believes buying art should be an accessible process that can begin at any age and evolve into a refined collection to be proud of. 

The online gallery and her string of curated pop ups present an eclectic range of artworks with an aim to inspire collections and homes that are unusual and diverse. For Domenica, buying affordable yet tasteful works of art is important in bringing spaces to life. We caught up with her in her Pimlico pop up gallery and particularly love her recent 'Flump' frame collaboration with HOSTE home.

What do you love most about your job? 

Being around beautiful artworks all day is really special. I feel so lucky that I get to work with so many amazing artists on a daily basis, all of whom are mostly female. Their creativity and imagination constantly inspire me. Whether curating on our online gallery or in our pop-ups I love combining and showcasing artworks together to display an eclectic mix. 


Where's your favourite hangout?  

A favourite winter hangout of mine is The Compasses pub in Wiltshire near Tisbury, it is the cosiest place in the world with the best food, being there with friends or family on a Sunday lunch is bliss. Otherwise in London the Renaissance room in the National Gallery, looking at all the Botticelli's and Filippo Lippi's, reminds me of Florence. I'm often at any of the Bao restaurants, 40 Maltby Street or on a Sunday at The Pear Tree in Battersea. 


What's top of your playlist right now?  

Currently on repeat is The Japanese House and Babeheaven's new album. Both their female led music can make you feel so many different feelings in just one song.


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

This is very hard as I see my clothes as my friends, but when I was younger, living in Venice I saved up all my monthly stipend to buy two items at Miu Miu - a blue skirt and a orange frilled t-shirt - even though it meant I couldn't afford to buy anything else.  I don't wear them much now but they bring back such good memories. I also treasure all my items from Alexa Chung which has sadly closed down. 


How many pairs of shoes do you own? 

Too many.... I am a bit of a shoe hoarder. They range from Adidas gazelles in lots of colourways to my furlane venetian slippers which I can't resist buying a few pairs of everytime I'm in Venice at my favourite shops. 


What do your Rogues say about you? 

Rogues have the ability to make you feel special and glamorous whilst also comfortable and ready for anything. I love how they transform any outfit, whether jeans and a t shirt or a simple black dress into something stylish and cool with a pop of colour. They exude confidence and enhance your best self. 


Photographed by Nic Ford.

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