Suede Eco Protector
Suede Eco Protector

Suede Eco Protector

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Protect your favourite footwear items from rain, stains and spills with the Liquiproof LABS Premium Protector. The long-lasting spray creates an invisible barrier on fabric which repels liquids, mud, dirt and spills, as well as preventing stains from water, alcohol and oils.

By fusing market leading nanotechnology with natural science, we have created a super-powerful, yet completely non-toxic, eco-friendly solution.  Made with all-natural ingredients and a water-based formula, the protector won’t change the look, feel or smell of your items making it safe to use on all absorbent fabrics.

If you’ve ever wondered how to protect suede, how to protect Rogues from the rain, or how to keep sneakers white, then this is the kit for you. Consider it your very best suede protector, nubuck protector, sheepskin protector, leather protector…and the list goes on.

Not only does it work brilliantly as a shoe protector spray but it’s also a clothing protector and a handbag protector making it the perfect choice for your favourite shoes, trainers, bags or clothes!

One bottle should cover 2 pairs of shoes


  • Liquiproof Premium Protector 50ml