Zeena Shah

Zeena Shah is an Art Director, Stylist, Illustrator and Author based in East London. Is there anything she can't do? Her love of colour (especially pink!), dresses, interiors and endless positivity had us hooked from the start. She regularly teaches creative workshops from her studio, inspiring people to fall in love with craft and create something handmade and is now hosting online workshops; perfect while we are all at home.




 What do you love most about your job?

I feel so lucky to be able to make a living from being creative. I love the variation of my day to day. I get to work across a multitude of projects which means I could do be doing something completely different every day of the week. It challenges my creativity and keeps me on my toes. I've always loved doing lots of things and so this way I get to do a bit of everything I enjoy.


Where's your favourite hangout?

I love P Franco in Lower Clapton. It's a tiny independent wine bar that serves the most delicious small plates from one end of the bar. It's very intimate and great for catching up with a friend or date night!


What's top of your playlist right now?

My friend Florence Given has created a playlist called Floss's Dreamy Bops which I have on repeat alongside French Bops and General Bops I'd highly recommend a listen! It's finned with that comforting sound of nostalgia.


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

Now that is a tough one, I treasure everything in my wardrobe and make it a must to love each piece to death. I'd have to say at the moment it's a vintage knit and crochet two piece from Moschino that I just adore and still can't believe found me at a local market.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Oh gawd, that's a scary question...not enough? Haha, I mean it's a lot! Probably around 50 in our flat in London and then a bunch at my parents house. I am a massive hoarder and hate getting rid of things.


What do your Rogues say about you?

That I love pink, pattern and am an enthusiastic, fun-loving and positive person. They couldn't be more me! 

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