Thais Cipolletta

The Restory is an on-demand service providing modern after-care for luxury fashion. Starting with shoes, bags and leather goods they are dedicated to bringing the art of the craft and the convenience of technology right to your doorstep. Their mission is to have you fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again, and they pride themselves in valuing the process the items have been on from the materials to the workmanship and the design, encouraging our clients to take care of their items whether sending them in for cleaning, conditioning or re-heeling.

At Rogue Matilda we could not be more aligned with this way of thinking, so it gives us great please to introduce you to the co-Founder, Thais Cipolletta. A girl after our own heart.




What do you love most about your job?

We are creating a business with ultra talented artisans and finding a way for them to thrive in this new economy, keeping traditional craftsmanship skills and developing new ones. This act brings in itself a chain of good things, from a circular fashion approach of restoring to other sustainability points such as stimulating an emotional connection with your items that lead to consumers investing in good quality products that they care for a long time. As a designer and maker it is super important for me to add more value to these beautiful skills.


Where's your favourite hangout?

In London it's definitely having a picnic in one of the parks with friends and great food, Battersea Park is my local.


What's top of your playlist right now?

Anything from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, in particular the song Cali Cab.


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

When I went to Japan for my honeymoon I visited some thrift stores in between sightseeings and I bought a few vintage kimono overcoats. My favourite is an orange one with brown flower pattern, very 70's print style and with a super unexpected pastel palette japanese print inside. It is a real treasure!


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

About 25 at the moment.


What do your Rogues say about you?

I love bold colours and prints and am not shy to mix them together, so my rogues need to reflect that!


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