Flossie Saunders

Flossie Saunders is a stylist and Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times Style. She was one of the first editors to support the brand when we launched, and more recently she's the stylist for our seasonal lookbooks. Aside from fashion, Flossie is a huge food and cooking enthusiast. She regularly curates recipes and tablescaping ideas on her personal Instagram account or for Style magazine under 'Food with Flossie'.








What do you love most about your job?

It's different every day. No two days are the same as no two magazines are. Sometimes I will be shooting, some days out at meetings seeing new brands/new collections and some days in the office putting together ideas.


Where's your favourite hangout?

I am a big 'foodie', I hate that expression but I am. So my favourite hangout tends to be orientated around food. Any food market, farmer markets are always the top of the list. I love our local one in Brockley on a Saturday morning.


What's top of your playlist right now?

I always listen to the High Low, I have worked with Pandora and Dolly at Style.


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

Probably my Celine handbag, it's super classic and quite paired down compared to a lot of my wardrobe.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I probably own about 50 pairs of shoes or there abouts. Most are flat or with a small heel. Probably 10 pairs of trainers, 15 pairs of boots, 10 sandals and the rest loafers/pumps.


What do your Rogues say about you?

I have a few pairs of Rogues, I'm big into a statement pair of shoes. It means you can keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple.

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