Abbie Roden

Abbie Roden and her husband Will dreamt up Amie during the Covid-19 lockdown when they were engaged. Amie is a French wine created for friends, by friends. Abbie and Will recognised an opportunity to tap into the rosé market with a cool and affordable direct-to-consumer wine brand with delivery to your door, and the results speak for themselves. Their beautiful bottles, with artwork by Jessica Yolanda Kaya, and award winning taste make the brand a a tablescapers dream for weddings and events, and has garnered them a strong following with the fashion set. 

We caught up with co-founder Abbie at their wine studio in Eccleston yards for a glass of Amie X and a chat.



What do you love most about your job? 

There are two things that I really love about my job: 1) the variety -- no day is the same, and because I am juggling both my agency - RODEN - as well as our wine brand - amie - each day is always different. 2) creativity -- whether it be the next photoshoot, the next brand partnership, or the next in-person activation, I love that I get to constantly think of new creative ideas.


Where's your favourite hangout?  

I have a few -- at home -- on my couch! Around home (Holland Park // Notting Hill) -- I love Six Portland Road (our favourite local restaurant) and Layla Bakery. Around amie wine studio, I really love to chill in Eccleston Yards - it's such a nice vibe, and grabbing a coffee from Morena is always a must. 


What's top of your playlist right now?  

I listen to Rayland Baxter a lot. And I'm not going to lie, the amie wine studio playlist is a pretty good one!


What's your most loved piece in your wardrobe?

I have a few jackets that I love.


How many pairs of shoes do you own? 

I worked for America's oldest shoe brand -- FRYE -- for 7.5 years, so it's safe to say that I probably have at least 50 pairs of FRYEs. I'd say another 40 pairs on top of that, so somewhere around 90-100!? Way too many to count!! I love shoes.


What do your Rogues say about you? 

They're colorful, and I'd say I'm pretty colorful too. I love color.



Photographed by Will Sandbach.


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