How Do You Style A Brogue...?

So a brogue is a masculine shoe, right? Not any more! Rogues lace ups have been redesigned exclusively for women to give you softer, simpler and more flattering footwear that's free of any 'broguing' detail and hard leather. Because life's too short for boring footwear, and days are too hectic for uncomfortable feet. 

After years of wearing Rogues and nothing else, founder and creative director Katie Matilda Harland, shows you how to style your new favourite shoe...

1. The Skinny Jean

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda

This is still the go-to trouser for many women due to comfort and fit; and the good news is Rogues are designed to go perfectly with a slim jean, no styling tips needed! That said, I personally I think you can't go wrong with a well cut blazer to finish the look.

2. The Suit

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda SHoes

This season see's a surge in the number of a) affordable and b) colourful suits for women, both at designer and high street level. Once thought of as strictly business attire, the suit has recently been reinvented as a playful and paired back co-ord, styled in the same way you might a boilersuit with sneakers or flats. The trick here is to ensure that you have a flash of ankle on show with a slightly cropped trouser, to ensure your figure isn't lost under swathes of cloth. Any of our white soled styles would give a relaxed but cool look to a suit, however if you're wanting to dress them up a bit or make a statement opt for for a patent brogue. 

3. The Peg Trouser

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda Shoes

This is may be the simplest 'bottom' to style of all. All peg trousers taper in at the ankle which will flatter the leg and suit the style of a brogue, so simply pair with a tucked in polo neck, a T-shirt, or an oversized knit if you self conscious of your waist, and you're good to go!

4. The Dungaree

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda Shoes

This in my uniform, day in day out. The straight cut of a dungaree is a comfortable on the leg and the front flap means you can throw on anything underneath and it will look great. For added effect, roll them up at the ankle and let the laid back but quirky effect of the outfit mirror the design aesthetic of the shoe.  

 5. The Wide Leg Trouser

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda

Palazzo pants are an amazing piece to have in your wardrobe to give your outfits a bit more wow-factor whilst at the same time feeling like you're wearing PJs! The important thing here is to get the length right for your footwear, by getting the trouser altered to sit 1-2cm off the ground for the height of your shoe. If you want a bit of extra height to lengthen your leg, opt for a platform soled brogue instead of the traditional flat heel. 

6. The Pleated Skirt

Katie Harland Rogue Matilda Shoes

Traditionally brogues are trouser shoe, but that's not to stop you wearing them with skirts or dresses should you feel inclined. Pleated maxi skirts in particular look great with a Rogue, and to soften the harsh line of the shoe on the ankle (and keep you toasty!) pair with a thin glitter sock. The best ones I've found are from &OtherStories or Wolford and I would recommend getting one that is soft and snug on your ankle to flatter the leg.


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